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IPSCMI offers a range of certifications in procurement, logistics, and supply chain management.

IPSCMI certifications stand out due to its accreditation from ACCEA the Accreditation Council for Continuing Education and Assessment, which ensures our certifications meet high standards and offer industry-relevant programs that’s globally recognized.

Your certification will be co-accredited by IPSCMI and the Accreditation Council for Continuing Education and Assessment (ACCEA), ensuring it meets rigorous global standards.

Enroll online through our website by selecting your desired certification and completing the registration form, or contact a local partner in your area.

Paid fee covers a full month’s access to your chosen certification, unlimited comprehensive mock Exam trials, 3 final exam attempts, and a verifiable digital certificate post-exam.

Yes, we offer instructor-led courses to enhance your readiness for the exams. You can register for these courses through us or one of our approved global partners.

Yes, IPSCMI provides exclusive educational materials within our instructor-led courses, which are specially designed to prepare candidates for their certification exams.

Yes, our certifications can be easily completed fully online, offering flexibility to learners worldwide.

IPSCMI provides a full month of access, during which you can attempt unlimited mock exam trials and have three attempts for the certification final exam.

Should you not pass within the subscription month, and have a sound justification, we can extend your access.

Immediately after passing your exam, you will receive access to your digital certification, which includes a shareable link for social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Each certification comes with a unique ID, enabling employers to verify your credentials through our online verification system.

 IPSCMI certifications are lifelong, with no recertification needed.

According to global surveys, our certified professionals report an average salary increase of 40% after obtaining their IPSCMI certification. This certification not only enhances personal career prospects but also contributes significantly to the operational efficiency and success of the organizations they work for, reflecting the high value and recognition of our credentials in the industry.

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