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IPSCMI was built to support training providers of all sizes to spread the principles of procurement, logistics, and supply chain management worldwide. Join our network and help advance this vital industry.


For startups/Instructors​
  • The Beginner plan is tailored for those who enroll fewer than 10 students annually. This program supports small-scale providers eager to establish a foundation in procurement, logistics, and supply chain management training.


For medium sized companies
  • Designed for training providers enrolling 10 to 100 students each year, the Professional plan caters to growing institutions seeking to expand their impact. This level offers enhanced support and resources to help you reach a broader audience and deepen your educational offerings.


For large companies
  • Our Experienced plan is suited for well-established training providers who enroll more than 100 students annually. This tier is perfect for leaders in education looking to leverage their large-scale operations to drive innovation and excellence in the field of supply chain management.

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Common Questions

IPSCMI certifications are accredited by both IPSCMI and the Accreditation Council for Continuing Education and Assessment (ACCEA), ensuring they meet high educational and professional standards.

Expand your network, enhance your credibility, and receive comprehensive support to grow your business.

Submit your application through our website and meet the specified criteria to get started.

Each tier is tailored to your scale of operations, from beginner to experienced, with specific student enrollment thresholds.

Yes, trainers undergo verification to ensure quality and up-to-date knowledge delivery.

IPSCMI accredit partners materials aligned with new trends in the field.

We regularly check materials to reflect the latest trends and best practices in the industry.

Train anywhere globally, as long as IPSCMI’s standards and requirements are met.

Dedicated support from marketing to training to help you succeed at every step.

We actively promote our partners through various channels, boosting your visibility.

Yes, collaboration is encouraged to foster learning and innovation among partners.

Partnership terms are flexible, typically reviewed annually to ensure mutual benefit.

No annual fees; partners are only required to maintain training quality and student engagement.

We provide strategies and support to help you meet enrollment thresholds.

Yes, IPSCMI supports and encourages multi-language training provisions.

Simple renewal process, contingent on meeting performance and quality criteria.

We handle disputes fairly and promptly to ensure a positive environment for all partners.

Exclusivity is possible but through specific model.

Reach out to our dedicated partner support team via our website or direct contact methods.

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