Certified International Supply Chain Planning Manager (CISCPM)

Supply Chain certification

This certification aims to develop advanced skills in planning, optimizing, and managing complex supply chain operations across global markets.

Key Examination Areas

Supply Chain Strategy and Design

* Developing comprehensive strategies for international supply chain management.

* Designing supply chains that are robust, flexible, and responsive to global market dynamics.

* Aligning supply chain design with business goals and customer demands.

Supply Planning and Sourcing

* Planning and managing international sourcing to ensure supply continuity and cost-effectiveness.

* Strategic vendor management and global sourcing strategies.

* Integration of sourcing plans with overall supply chain objectives.

Advanced Demand Planning

* Techniques for accurate forecasting and demand planning in diverse markets.

* Integrating market intelligence, historical data, and predictive analytics into demand planning processes.

* Managing demand variability and planning for demand-driven supply chains.

Capacity Planning and Resource Allocation

* Methods for effective capacity planning in manufacturing and distribution networks.

* Tools for optimizing resource allocation and utilization across the supply chain.

* Balancing capacity and demand to maximize operational efficiency.

Risk Management and Contingency Planning

* Identifying and mitigating risks in international supply chain operations.

* Developing robust contingency plans to manage disruptions and maintain supply chain resilience.

* Strategies for proactive risk assessment and crisis management.

Inventory Optimization

* Strategies for managing international inventory levels to balance cost and service levels.

* Techniques for multi-echelon inventory optimization and safety stock management.

* Using advanced software tools and analytical models for inventory planning.

Technology in Supply Chain Planning

* Leveraging ERP, SCM software, and other digital tools to enhance supply chain planning capabilities.

* The role of emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, and blockchain in optimizing supply chain planning.

* Implementing and managing technology-driven supply chain innovations.

Exam details




30 MCQ


1.5 hours

Passing score




Who should get this certification?

It is ideal for supply chain planners, operations managers, and logistics professionals who are involved in the strategic planning and execution of supply chain activities worldwide

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Format and Questions

The final exam contains 30 multiple-choice questions designed to thoroughly test your understanding of the Body Of Knowledge – BOK.

Three Attempts

You have a total of three attempts to pass the final exam and earn your certification, and you must finish it within one month of your purchase.

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Frequently asked questions

How is this certification recognized in the industry?

This certification is globally recognized and accredited by IPSCMI and ACCEA, boosting your professional credibility and visibility within the supply chain industry.

How will obtaining this certification impact my career prospects?

Earning this certification demonstrates to employers your proficiency in applying critical supply chain management concepts, significantly enhancing your qualifications for advanced roles.

How long does it typically take to complete this certification?

The completion time varies by individual, but all candidates have one month of access to unlimited mock exam trials and three final exam attempts, allowing you to progress at your own pace.

When can I start practicing with the mock exams after payment?

You will gain immediate access to the mock exam system as soon as your payment is processed.

Is there any support available during the certification process?

While direct instructional support is not offered, you have unlimited access to mock exam trials, providing a substantial resource for self-guided preparation.

If I fail the exam for this certification, what are my options?

You can retake the exam up to three times within the one-month access period, providing ample opportunity to enhance your understanding and secure your success.

Can I fit this certification into a busy schedule?

This certification is designed with flexibility in mind, providing online access to mock and final exams over a one-month period to accommodate your personal and professional commitments.

What is the refund policy for this certification?

Refunds are not available for this certification due to the immediate access to digital content and resources upon payment.


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Receive your results instantly after completing the final exam. Once you pass, your lifetime certification will be immediately downloadable and shareable on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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Insights from top companies about the benefits they have gained from hiring our IPSCMI-certified professionals.

We've seen remarkable improvements in our logistics and distribution efficiency since hiring IPSCMI-certified experts. Their training aligns perfectly with our goals for global distribution.

Linda García

Senior HR Manager

Candidates with IPSCMI certification are invariably well-prepared to handle complex challenges in supply chain and procurement management, making them invaluable to our team.

Richard Allan

Vice President of Human Resources

The strategic insights and robust methodologies that IPSCMI-certified candidates bring to our procurement processes are instrumental in driving our healthcare solutions to new heights

Sarah Johnson

Global Head of HR

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